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What determines the quality of a spirit? Is it the raw material and how it is fermented? Is it the way it is distilled? Is it the way it is filtered? We believe each of these play an essential role in the production of a quality spirit. Something as simple as the type of yeast used in fermentation can change the flavor profile of a spirit. So how does Yellowfin set itself apart from the competition with all of this in mind?

Yellowfin produces only single estate spirits. What does that mean? In general, a single estate spirit is created using ingredients mostly or solely sourced from a single area of land. That raw material is then fermented, distilled, filtered and packaged at a single estate or location. Producers of single estate spirits choose not to use NGS or neutral grain spirits. NGS refers to alcohol made in bulk and sold to distilleries large and small, as opposed to those distilleries starting from scratch, which is much more expensive and requires more expertise. Many distilleries using NGS call their spirits handmade, handcrafted, artisanal, farm to table and this is just simply not true.

Yellowfin is created from Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Louisiana Cane Sugar. Fermentation, distillation, filtration and packaging all take place at Yellowfin Distillery. While Yellowfin Vodka is made from sugar and has a subtly sweet finish, it contains zero sugar. That means zero residual sugar from fermentation and zero post distillation additives or sweeteners. The taste is simply the result of the raw material and a unique manufacturing process.

Raw Material
Yellowfin sources gluten free, non-gmo, Louisiana cane sugar grown in the rich soils deposited for thousands of years by the Mississippi River Delta. This incredible force helped shape coastal Louisiana, including New Orleans, and provides a constant influx of nutrient rich soil that has fueled the sugar cane industry for over 200 years.

Single Estate Spirits
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