Where is Yellowfin Vodka Sold?

  • Yellowfin Vodka is currently available in Louisiana only.
  • As a spirits manufacturer, we are not permitted to ship product direct to customers.
What is vodka exactly? Must it be made of potatoes?

The United States federal government defines vodka in the following way:

  • Neutral spirits are fermented from any raw material, distilled at or above 95% alcohol by volume and bottled at or above 40% alcohol by volume.
  • Vodka is neutral spirits so distilled or treated after distillation with charcoal filtration or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color. It is debatable what constitutes the word distinctive in this definition because all spirits have a smell and taste.
Why does Yellowfin Distillery use cane sugar?

Founder Jamison Trouth felt it was important to use a local raw material. In addition, every raw material used in fermentation must first be broken down into sugar because sugar is the only material that yeast can consume and convert to alcohol. Using sugar results in a very simple and clean fermentation.

How is Yellowfin Vodka different from rum since it is made from sugar?
  • Raw Material – Rum must technically be made from cane byproducts. This means that at least some portion of the fermentation material should be molasses.
    Yellowfin Vodka is made from crystallized cane sugar.
  • Distillation – Vodka must be distilled at or above 95% alcohol by volume. Rum must be distilled at less than 95% alcohol by volume so that it retains more characteristics/taste from the fermentation material.
  • Filtration – Rum is usually filtered to remove bitterness but vodka is legally required to be filtered or treated in some way.
  • **Allowable Additives** – It is legal for domestic vodka distilleries to sweeten vodka with up to 2 grams of sugar per liter or 1.5 grams per fifth. It is legal for domestic rum distilleries to sweeten rum with sugar, caramel or a blend of the two at a rate of 2 weight percent or approximately 18 grams per fifth (10 times more than vodka). However, Yellowfin Vodka contains no residual fermentation sugars and no post distillation additives or sweeteners of any kind.
How many times is Yellowfin Vodka distilled?
  • Approximately 20 stages of separation are necessary to distill fermentation material to 95% alcohol by volume. Whether a system with 10 stages is used 2 times, a system with 2 stages is used 20 times, or a system with 20 stages is used 1 time, the neutral spirit collected must be at or above 95% alcohol by volume. No matter what system is used, the spirit must be distilled to the same extent.
  • However, each time alcohol is heated and cooled in the presence of air, it deteriorates. Yellowfin Vodka is distilled using a single 22 stage system one time.
  • Vodka distilleries arbitrarily place numbers like 5 times distilled or 10 times distilled on vodkas but this number is rarely explained. The reason it isn’t explained is that most distilleries that advertise numbers like this are likely purchasing alcohol from a larger corporation that has already fermented and distilled it to 95% alcohol by volume. These companies usually claim their spirits are handmade, handcrafted, artisanal, farm to table, when the reality is that they are buying it in bulk from someone else.

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