Yellowfin Otoro Single Estate Vodka is our original creation. The goal was to produce the smoothest vodka possible, no matter the cost or difficulty. The result was an extremely smooth vodka, easily sippable at room temperature. It contains no sugar or additives of any kind. Customers typical say that it is very smooth and has a hint of character but they find it difficult to describe. In Louisiana, you might call the little something extra ‘lagniappe’ or ‘je ne sais pas’. But because of our raw material and unique manufacturing process, Otoro finishes with unmatched smoothness and a very subtle hint of sweetness/character. Otoro is a perfect choice when sipping neat or on the rocks. It may not be the right choice for drier cocktails like dirty martinis or vodka sodas. Push the glass cork to the side to open and enjoy!

Raw Material
Yellowfin sources gluten free, non-gmo, Louisiana cane sugar grown in the rich soils deposited for thousands of years by the Mississippi River Delta. This incredible force helped shape coastal Louisiana, including New Orleans, and provides a constant influx of nutrient rich soil that has fueled the sugar cane industry for over 200 years.

Single Estate Spirits
Louisiana Ingredients
Pleasant Aroma
Smooth Finish

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