How’d it get Started?

During his senior year in college, our founder began considering starting a side business that he could run while working in local industry after graduation. He loved his class on distillation & was a vodka drinker so he began researching the possibility of opening a distillery. At the time, there was only one distillery in the state & they didn’t make vodka. So, he began experimenting on the weekends & was drinking his own spirits before graduating college. In the years following graduation, he continued refining his recipe while saving what he made working as a chemical engineer. After several years, he decided it was time. He purchased land, built the facility, sold his home, quit his job & went all in. Two years later, Yellowfin Distillery opened to the public.

Label Design

Our founder’s passion for offshore spearfishing/fishing played a major role in the distillery & product designs. The background images of our non oaked products are actually photos pulled from his GoPro that depict the ocean’s surface from a diver’s perspective from underwater. The shape of the front label of each spirit may look like a shield but it’s actually an aerial silhouette of a boat. And the custom fonts used for Mahi & Yellowfin were created from an image of a trident, beginning & ending with fisherman’s barbs.

Why Yellowfin?

Our founder wanted a brand that would have personal meaning & also highlight something unique about Louisiana. Yellowfin quickly rose to the top of the list. When most people think about Louisiana, they think Mardi Gras, alligators, crawfish, gumbo, etc. But, Louisiana is also home to two of the top ten Yellowfin Tuna fisheries in the world, Venice & Grand Isle. Anglers travel from all over the world to try their luck at landing a massive Yellowfin Tuna, along with other species inshore & offshore. These beautiful fish are also revered the world over for their culinary quality. And just like Yellowfin Tuna, good spirits can be enjoyed all on their own, without the need for other ingredients. So Yellowfin was an easy choice for our distillery & first product, vodka.

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