We transform non-GMO, gluten free cane sugar & molasses (sourced directly from Louisiana Sugar Refining in Gramercy, LA) into wine. This simple fermentation contains less solids & does not require the use of enzymes to extract fermentable sugars from materials such as potatoes or corn. The resulting wine is unique & is the foundation of our entire spirits portfolio.


Our distillation system design allows us to achieve desired purity in a single pass. But, our spirits aren’t simply once distilled. The system consists of 22 stages of separation that can achieve a purity exceeding 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof). This eliminates the need to distill the spirits multiple times over a longer period, improving overall quality, decreasing oxygen-driven byproduct make & increasing efficiency. Effective removal of low boiling impurities is also critical in the production of quality spirits. This requires sacrificing good product to flush out these undesirables. Any residual sugar left behind after fermentation remains in the kettle as it cannot vaporize &  travel up the distillation column. So all spirits leaving the still are free of sugar & any other dissolved solids.

Blend Water

Blend water is prepared on site & is treated with 5 or 6 separate filter elements (depending on the product), including several carbon elements & a reverse osmosis membrane.

Spirit Filtration

Once the spirits are distilled, they are immediately cut to 40% alcohol by volume with a blend water specific to that product. Once blended, the spirits are filtered with 2 to 5 different filter elements over 1 to 3 days.

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