Single Estate

All spirits produced at Yellowfin Distillery are single estate. The definition of single estate can vary but the message is the same. The entire process (fermentation, distillation, filtration, oaking & packaging) should be completed at one establishment. Another characteristic associated with single estate that we find important is the commitment to sourcing raw materials from a specific geographical area. We support Louisiana farming by sourcing our cane sugar & molasses from Louisiana Sugar Refining in Gramercy, LA.


The base spirit we use for our rum is distilled at a very high purity. This means less impurities moving forward beyond the distillation step in the manufacturing process. All of our rums are made exclusively from Louisiana cane sugar & molasses. They contain no artificial flavorings or color. The only additional ingredient you’ll find is American Oak.


For the first several years, Yellowfin Distillery manufactured & sold one product, Yellowfin Vodka. In general, vodka is known to have characteristics resembling that of rubbing alcohol & the majority of vodka is consumed in cocktails for that reason. Our goal was to produce a vodka that was void of these unpleasant characteristics & could be enjoyed by itself or over ice.

After achieving our goal, we quickly learned that this new sipping vodka behaved differently than most vodkas. The first thing we noticed was that we enjoyed it better neat (room temperature) than from the freezer which is the complete opposite of the norm. The next thing that we noticed was that using a jigger to measure was absolutely necessary for sweet cocktails. It blended so well that it was difficult to tell how much alcohol was actually present.

The last thing we noticed was that it clashed with dry cocktails (vodka/water, vodka/soda, dirty martinis, etc.). Even though it contained zero sugar, it mixed more like a rum than a vodka. For that reason, we changed the name to Yellowfin Otoro Single Estate Vodka & began working on a second vodka with a more neutral flavor profile. That second vodka is now Yellowfin Single Estate Vodka. While this newer vodka may fall short of Yellowfin Otoro on its own or in a sweet cocktail, it is still an exceptional vodka that sips more easily than most & also mixes well in sweet cocktails. But, for dry cocktails, it seems to be the obvious choice over Yellowfin Otoro.

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